By: Jasmin King

Beginning in 2009 Anointed Touch, which is due to the oil of gladness from God, known as the Anointing, has made an impact in the community by raising the bar of massage therapy. We have been at the forefront of the minds of guest who have come, felt the difference and went elsewhere, just to come back and say "wow", nothing compares. Why is that? I would say' by confirmation of comments, that with out sounding cliché, because we truly care, have compassion and treat others, the way we would like to be treated. The goal is to continue growth, as we journey towards inner healing, expanding our minds, enhancing our skills and through self reflection, growth happens instinctively. Therefore we can impart to our clients what has been imparted to us. 


Our Mission

To go beyond the borders set by mediocrity and lack of heart. To impart the action of love to our neighbors as we love our selves. To establish sacred space and encourage healing to a hurt filled world. To foster relationships that is forged through understanding, commitment and discipline of our skills, heart and gifts.

The second command is this:Love your neighbor as yourself; there is no greater commandment greater than these.
Mark 12:31
— The Bible NIV