An Effective Massage Begins with the Breath..

It is how we receive and how we let go.

The breath is life.

Massage Therapy is a Holistic Path that will aid you in your life's Journey.

Allow your self the gift of healing through therapeutic massage.

Give your self permission to the Serenity of Sacred Place. 

Surrender to an art designed to ease away the physical Stress, mental Depression, Soreness & Pain.



Nature and Water can provide a place of Serenity & Sacred Space, likewise Massage Therapy can be like a 90 minute getaway. Sometimes all we need to Start feeling better is to Relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage performed by a licensed massage therapist, who is Intuitive, Compassionate and Caring. Muscle tightness may be affecting you in ways you aren't aware of, but you'll know as soon as Owner and LMT Jasmin King and other therapist like, LMT Vanessa Belk finds those knots and gets to work smoothing them away. Massage has been used as an effective form of therapy for centuries. Make your APPOINTMENT with AtSpaHealing, in Cedar Park, Texas and start feeling better Today.


Let Go!