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My name is Jasmin King. Although not native to Texas, I assure you, my heart is as big.  Originally from NYC, Contrary to what they say', the salsa is quite tasty, depending on where you go.

This is my story, not intended to convert or force my beliefs. Just my story I would like to share with you. I love everybody, regardless of color, sexual orientation or belief.

I relocated along with my Husband and four children in 2008.What brought us here? You did! The call of the community in need of a gifted Massage therapist. Okay, okay, Enough with the ego, seriously it was my hearts desire and prayer. I asked God, to allow me to work in my passion, make provision for my family and to be used. Here I am, with His Anointing and a Massage Business, which will grow to become a Retreat that brings Revival in your body & soul.

I like to say " I am a NYC girl, with a southern personality and the Spirit of Aloha (to me means the Holy Spirit). Specializing in Ashiatsu and Hawaiian massage , I love doing what I do. It is healing for me as well. To give the gift I have been given to give of healing is satisfying to my soul. Thank God, he knows what he is doing!

What to expect when you lay on the table:

Okay, take four deep breaths and give yourself permission to let go. As my hands lay still on the body, I to will breath with you. As we synchronize our breath, also will our souls share the same space. Essentially we will journey together towards a better you. Go to our yelp rewiew and check out what others say about us.

So, what are you waiting for?

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